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Wrapped Platform is the ultimate destination for NFT enthusiasts, providing a cohesive space for NFT artists, collectors, and traders to connect and share their passion. Unlike existing platforms, Wrapped Platform is all about the community. Revenue from our Marketplace, Launchpad and Token are distributed among our community members through a revolutionary revenue sharing 'staking' dApp. We are the first mover on the Bitrock chain and integrate more promising fresh blockchains hence expending our userbase and go multi-chain.

Mission and Vision

The most popular form of NFT today is digital works ranging from photos, videos, assets in a game to digital painting. These NFT’s can be bought/minted on various different blockchains. There is a lot of hype involved in collecting exclusive NFTs. Currently there is no (cross-chain) platform for collectors to bundle their collected exclusive NFTs, as in the past for example, rare coins were saved in an album. Or Pokémon cards. Or stamps.

Wrapped platform will close this gap, while going beyond expectations – hence exploiting a new market, a niche within NFT Crypto Space. Finally NFT enthusiasts will be able to gather NFT’s from different chains, and put them in their own personal, fully customized online portfolio which loads on instant. Ready to share and connect with (online) friends and relatives.

Wrapped will be the social media/crypto platform for NFT collectors to interact with each other and share NFT (collections). Wrapped will close the gap between social media and NFT Crypto space. The ever-growing user base and community will attract more and more newcomers to the Crypto (NFT) industry. At the same time, the platform will generate increasing revenue and passive income for our investors.

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