Consensus Algorithm

Bitrock blockchain uses IBFT 2.0 proof of authority (PoA) consensus where energy use is more efficient than proof of work (PoW) networks. In IBFT 2.0 networks, approved accounts, known as validators, validate transactions and blocks. Validators take turns to create the next block. Before inserting the block onto the chain, a super-majority of validators must first sign the block. The validator group will grow over time as additional validators are added. Bitrock offers rewards to approved accounts known as validators of 100000000000000 Wei or 0.0001 BROCK every 1s block validated.

Bitrock also supports Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible applications, allowing you to deploy smart contracts or WEB3 Applications compatible with EVM and all Ethereum tools like Metamask, Truffle and others.

Framework Architecture

The following diagram outlines the high-level architecture of the Network.

The Difference

The following diagram outlines the difference between PoW and IBFT 2.0 PoA in performance scale.

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